RFID Action Camera System

Give your customers real-time highlight videos of all their activities and races, its the ultimate social sharing memento!

Dynamic, Real-Time Action Videos Delivered via Email, TV's, Mobile App and QR code

The RFID Action Camera System uses wearable wristbands to track your customer's races and activities, create highlight videos, and deliver them immediately via race results, email, mobile app and an on-site kiosk. They can easily share these videos via social media, giving your marketing efforts an immediate boost!

RFID Action Cameras

Our RFID (radio frequency identification) Action Camera system is comprised of 4K resolution cameras and Long Range RFID readers to deliver the best quality video keepsakes for your guests.

  • Replace your membership cards with wearable RFID wristbands
  • Use RFID bands as a party package upsell
  • Bands can be used as a cashless card system or for tracking points
  • Upsell videos to your customers as a keepsake
  • Offer highlight videos for birthday parties and group events
  • Track the activities where your guests spend the most time (coming soon!)

How It All Works


1. RFID WristbandsRFID Bracelets-line-crop

It all starts with these little beauties, your customer's personal RFID wristbands. These proprietary long range RFID wristbands are completely customizable allowing hundreds of different designs, or one. These wristbands can be used as your customer's membership card in your Clubspeed system, meaning you can put money, credits, and anything else you want on them as it's tied to their profile. They purchase these wristbands from you and every time they race or participate in an activity your guests will get a customized video delivered to them immediately after their activity ends. The videos are free to view and download, you only need a wristband to get a video each visit.

RFID Camera System2. 4K Cameras & RFID Readers

4K resolution cameras and long range RFID readers allow us to make exciting and dynamic videos with panning, scanning, and zooming to really convey the exciting nature of the activities. The RFID wristbands are tracked in real time by the system and video clips are tagged for each user to create a uniquely customized TV highlight reel of your guest's activities!




3. Delivery

The completely automated system will process these videos in real-time and send them to your customers immediately via race results, email, mobile app and on-site kiosk. It will also print a QR code so your customer can scan and watch their race right on their mobile phone!



RFID Video viewing4. On-site Viewing 

Your customers don't have to wait to see their video! They can hop out of a race or activity, walk over to a TV with the included HDMI viewer hooked up to it, swipe their wristband over the TV and the system will load their race and they can watch with their friends right there!



RFID-video download


5. Marketing and Social Media

All of your videos can be shared to social media, expanding your reach and spreading the brand via your customer's own channels. All videos also can have a pre and post roll video snippets, so all videos can start and end with your branding and marketing messages.